Whig Party of Indiana

Whig Party of Indiana

Whig Party of Indiana

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guardians of Soma

Kalitha stood high above the remenants of the still smoking battlefield. The dead were beginning to rot in the heat of the scorching sun. The wounded prayed for a quick death so they might join their fallen bretheren in the Afterlife or faithfully clung to life, hoping to avenge their defeat.

A messenger quietly approached the morose Kalitha. When Kalitha failed to notice the messager he carefully cleared his throat.

Kalitha turned towards the noise, "Yes?"

The messenger pretended not to notice the mist that had slowly been forming in Kalitha's eyes since he first began to take survey of the scene. "The General has summoned you to his tent."

"I'll be right there. Thank you." Kalitha dismissed the messenger with a hand wave then turned back to the battlefield. Although he was miles from the carnage, in his mind he could hear the sounds of dying soldiers crying out one last time for their mothers' soothing embrace.

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