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Whig Party of Indiana

Whig Party of Indiana

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tombs of Phobos

"Sir, the exploratory team believes to have found something on Phobos," explained Trent Sanford, head of the UN Martian Expeditionary Force.

General Olbermyer set his pen down and looked up from his work, "Continue."

Trent sat down in a chair across from the General's desk. He and the General were close friends and had been for decades. He continued his explanation, "The team believes to have found some sort of a door inside one of the craters. They have yet to find a way to open the door and have been advised to await further orders.

General Olbermyer nodded silently for a moment. He then spoke up, "How is this possible? Is there any writing on the door?"

"No writing has been discovered so far. The team has returned to their base camp," Trent explained.

The General began feeling nervous. He suddenly envisioned himself trapped in a science fiction film. This information was beyond his training and years of experience. "Who else knows about this?"

"Just the Need-to-Knows, sir. I was just getting ready to inform the Secretary-General."

"Let's put a hold on that," the General commanded. "If what you're telling me is true, then this goes beyond the Secretary-General."


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  2. A member of the two-man security detail dispatched with the exploratory team, First Sergeant Frederick Hampton, was making conversation with his partner Master Sergeant Grace Twine. The members of the exploratory team were trying to figure out a way to enter the large door they had found on Mars's unsightly, tiny moon. "Damn this sucks like hell," the First Sergeant sighed as he turned to his friend, Master Sergeant Twine shrugged her shoulders and said "Humph..." "Yes, it's quite certain, this assignment would be absolutely detestable if I didn't have such a beautiful view to look at while I was here." She laughed heavily with a seemingly un-offended smile on her face "You never give it up, huh Top?" "Why should I?" "Look, Fred..." Her smile soon turned to a frown at her realization of his sincerity "...I'm flattered, and we a great time in New York last visit on Earth... " Her voice began to crack. "What's wrong then?" "I just don't want to be involved with someone I guess." The chatter between the two turned silent.

    Over by the door, the exploratory team members were messing around with their equipment, trying to get the door to open. "Look guys, I don't think you should be messing with that stuff. We have orders not to touch it until they tell us otherwise!" One of the other members said "Will you just shut up, this could be like the goddamn map to Atlantis or hold the meaning of life or something." "Whatever, comeback and tell me if that meaning of life can brew us up some liquor." The team member working on the door drops his tools and says "I'll be sure to do that Mr. Future Alcoholics Anonymous." The other member turns and said "We can fight right now if you want." "Shut up and go to sleep like you always do." The team member at the door said with angst as he picked up his tools and resumed his work. Just then, his fellow team member kicked him in the backside. The forward motion of his head due to the kick impacted a portion of the door. This portion of the door was emblazed with a linguistic symbol that the team had never seen before, it looked like a "V" with the opening closed up by an "X". The other team member said "What are you gonna say now prick?" "I'll say I'm gonna beat your ass!" the enraged team members' concentration on each other was broken as they noticed the symbol had started glowing with a dark blue sparkle.

    First Sergeant Hampton was still on guard with Master Sergeant Twine. The silence between each other had gone uninterrupted for five minutes. Each one's eyes were making desperate attempts not to look into the other's. Alas, the attempt was futile as Twine's mouth opened thus forcing Hampton to direct his attention to her. "Look Top," The First Sergeant interrupted her "Oh so we're back on formal rank now. I thought I was just Fred to you." "It's not that, you know it's not that." Suddenly their feet became warm, this surprised them as they were on a cold moon with no oxygen. They looked down, it was earth green grass. "What the hell is that Top?" Twine asked as she knelt down to look at it. "It's grass, holy mother god, it's grass. And it's glowing this... blue color. Damn!" Twine picked some out of the ground, "It wasn't here a minute ago Top." "I know." To Hampton's shock, Twine's pupils became dilated as the grass's blue glow began to take itself onto her body. She collapsed. "Grace? Grace!" The First Sergeant yelled. She was entering a new world... a blue world. Her heart was racing as her soul was chained to a flame by bodyless wings. It was burning her soul up alive, just then a maiden came into the blue hell where she was being tortured. She was tall, slender, with black hair, wearing a long red gown, barefooted and legs crossed as she sat down on a crying stump. She told Twine of words spoken only in eras that never happened. The words, for some untold reason, were broadcasted onto Twine's dilated eye balls for Hampton to witness and read.

    The bridge, the bridge, you fools only know the bridge
    the hell it puts you through
    On it are the flowers of everything
    The friends of Acacia, only to end up to fight apart and hate
    The messengers of Iris, only to be unheard
    The loves of Rose, only to go and die in battles at the hands of thought
    The fames of Trumpet, only to end up alone and forgotten
    And finally the freedoms of the Water Willow, only to end up like you
    These flowers will surely be picked
    These flowers will surely die
    Your body will surely be kicked
    And you shall surely cry, on the bridge, on the bridge

    Hampton watched the words ticker through the black of of his friend's dead dilated pupils. Tears soon flowed out of her formerly brown, full of life eyes. Hampton's eyes soon joined in the sorrowful activity, for he knew, she was still alive, and the flower he loved so dearly was being tortured.


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